Our products

Our product portfolio is rapidly evolving. It consists of prescription pharmaceuticals and diagnostic tools primarily within specialised medicine. Our current focus disease areas are Urology and Psychiatry.  We continuously evaluate new products and aim at building a strong portfolio where synergies can be utilised between user groups and disease areas. This allows us to specialise and to be cost effective.


Pharmaprim is currently launching Neuropharmagen, a new diagnostic tool within Psychiatry. Neuropharmagen is a DNA-test for analysing numerous variables involved in the metabolism of pharmaceuticals, based on each individual patient’s genetic set-up. Using a salivae sample from the patient, the responsible physician gets a broader and deeper decision basis in the selection of suitable psychotropics for the patient. For more information, please visit www.neuropharmagen.com.


Pharmaprim provides urologists and nephrologists with a prescription pharmaceutical prescribed for prophylactic treatment of kidney and ureteral stones on a Named Patient basis in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Physicians may request more information at info@pharmaprim.com.

Visit the Spedra product page  (Swedish)


Pharmaprim prepares to launch an innovative prescription pharmaceutical for secondary prevention in Sweden and Finland in 2016.

Other disease areas

Pharmaprim continuously evaluates products targeting unmet medical needs and meeting our highly set safety and documentation standards.