Our products

Our product portfolio is rapidly evolving. It consists of prescription pharmaceuticals and diagnostic tools primarily within specialised medicine. Our current focus disease areas are Urology and Osteoporosis.  We continuously evaluate new products and aim at building a strong portfolio where synergies can be utilised between user groups and disease areas. This allows us to specialise and to be cost effective.


Spedra (avanafil) is a selective PDE5-inhibitor which was introduced in Denmark in July 2014. It was launched in Sweden and Norway in 2017.

Visit the Spedra product page  (Swedish)


Adenuric (febuxostat) has been available in Denmark since 2011. Since April 23 2018, Adenuric is included in the Danish reimbursement scheme (generelt tilskud) to patients who have failed treatment with allopurinol or who have experienced side effects with allopurinol. Adenuric was introduced in Norway in 2017 and as of October 2017 it is reimbursed (Blå Resept) to patients who have failed therapy with allopurinol or experienced unacceptable side effects. Adenuric was also introduced in Sweden in 2017 and is reimbursed to patients where allopurinol is contraindicated or has generated side effects. 


Pharmaprim and the Swiss pharmaceutical company EffRx signed an agreement in the spring of 2018 regarding the distribution and marketing of a novel product in osteoporosis which has been available in some European countries for 3 or 4 years. Binosto is a buffered effervescent with alendronate 70 mg for weekly dosing in the treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis. Compared to traditional tablets of alendronate, Binosto offers superior gastrointestinal safety and enhanced treatment persistance due to the better tolerability. Shortly after ingestion the buffered solution with Binosto elevates the gastric pH to 4.8-5.4.

Binosto was launched in Norway, Denmark and Sweden in the end of 2019. Expected launch in Finland is 2021.

Other disease areas

Pharmaprim continuously evaluates products targeting unmet medical needs and meeting our highly set safety and documentation standards.